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Research and analysis

In the context of the food and beverage industry, our journey began with comprehensive research and analysis to grasp the unique characteristics of Eastern Standard Provisions. A significant challenge we encountered was integrating their diverse product range – including gift boxes – into a user-friendly digital experience.

Given their high website traffic, maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface (UI) was paramount. This led to a design that not only effectively showcased Eastern Standard Provisions' products but also ensured a streamlined and accessible browsing experience for their extensive customer base. The outcome is a website that harmonizes culinary excellence with a user-centric design.


Our strategy for Eastern Standard Provisions was founded on practical considerations and market insights. We prioritized improving the website's architecture, user experience, and navigation to enhance the online shopping journey. A key focus of our strategy was the implementation of upselling techniques, strategic product pairings, and intelligent recommendations.

Additionally, we streamlined the gifting process, making it easier for customers to select and purchase gift boxes. This approach aimed at providing a more efficient and user-friendly shopping experience, optimizing the presentation of products, and enhancing the potential for upselling and cross-selling.

Eastern Standard Provision's delicious new look

Responsive design

Our design approach for Eastern Standard Provisions was tailored to meet the needs of their specific demographic and gifting requirements. Central to our strategy was the creation of an intuitive user interface that resonated with their audience. We recognized the importance of seamless navigation, especially for customers seeking to purchase gift boxes. By focusing on an intuitive UI, we aimed to cater to Eastern Standard Provisions' unique customer base and enhance their gifting process, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and conversions.

Shopify Plus development

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Shopify Plus, we tailored a solution perfectly matched to Eastern Standard Provisions' unique needs. Our team seamlessly integrated Shopify Plus functionalities, including advanced product variations and enhanced checkout extensibility.

We implemented cart upselling and product upselling features to enhance the customer shopping experience. Additionally, we leveraged our custom-built app to introduce multi-shipment abilities, providing customers with greater flexibility in managing their orders. While Eastern Standard Provisions' team is diligently working on rolling out new features, such as a custom recipe page, our enhancements have already maximized customer engagement and conversions.

The result was a visually stunning and highly functional website that reflects Eastern Standard Provisions' commitment to excellence.

Custom Shopify app

As part of our Shopify Plus development strategy for Eastern Standard Provisions, we introduced a custom-built app tailored to their unique needs. What sets this app apart is its innovative approach to sales reporting, ensuring that sales are not double-reported, thus enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Additionally, this app provides valuable assistance to customers making bulk purchases by offering a seamless way to split orders among multiple addresses.

It also intelligently combines shipments for items being sent to the same address, simplifying logistics and enhancing the overall customer experience. This custom Shopify app has significantly improved the order management process, enabling Eastern Standard Provisions to serve their customers more effectively.

Ongoing support

Our commitment to Eastern Standard Provisions extends far beyond the initial launch of their website. We provide ongoing support to maintain excellence in their online presence. This includes ensuring ADA compliance, keeping design and development components up to date, supporting and enhancing the custom app we've built, optimizing website speed, refining design and ecommerce strategies, conducting A/B testing for continuous improvement, and offering custom development solutions as needed.

Our dedication lies in ensuring Eastern Standard Provisions remains at the forefront of their industry, delivering an exceptional shopping experience to their valued customers.

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#Web design,#Shopify theme development,#Conversion rate optimization


#Web design,#Shopify theme development,#Shopify app development,#Conversion rate optimization