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Research and analysis

Our comprehensive research and collaboration with Larry Reynolds Jr. (Director of Product Design) from the Wisdom team we uncovered key insights for Wisdom Panel's website transformation. We focused on optimizing the user experience and increasing conversion rates with Larry by redesigning their homepage and product pages. Recognizing the benefits of leveraging Shopify's robust platform. This strategic decision empowered Wisdom Panel to provide a superior online experience and achieve their business goals effectively. By harnessing Shopify's powerful capabilities, we built a solid foundation for their online presence, enabling streamlined operations, efficient management, and continuous growth.


Through close collaboration with the Wisdom Panel team, we developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve their business goals. This strategy encompassed mapping out the website's structure, optimizing the user journey, and implementing conversion-focused elements. By leveraging user data and analytics, we created a streamlined and intuitive website experience to drive engagement and increase conversions. With a deep understanding of the power of Shopify and their specific needs, we expertly aligned their objectives with the platform's strengths. Our expertise in conversion rate optimization guided us in delivering a strategic plan that maximized their online potential.

Wisdom Panel just got an ecommerce upgrade

Responsive design

We recognized the importance of mobile optimization and placed a strong emphasis on responsive design, aligning it seamlessly with our custom Shopify theme design for Wisdom Panel. Our design team paid careful attention to every detail, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly interface that effectively showcased Wisdom Panel's products and services, accompanied by valuable educational content. The responsive design, integrated with our tailored Shopify theme, guaranteed effortless access and interaction with the website for pet owners, regardless of the device they utilized, enhancing their overall browsing experience.

Shopify Plus development

In an impressive feat of efficiency, we completely redeveloped Wisdom Panel's website on the Shopify Plus platform in just three weeks. Our agile team migrated data and customized Shopify Plus features to align with their unique requirements. This showcased our technical expertise and commitment to delivering results. The result was a fully revamped online store on Shopify Plus, propelling Wisdom Panel's e-commerce capabilities. They have plans to roll out the new site hosted on Shopify in the near future, solidifying their commitment to an exceptional user experience. We're excited to support them on this journey.

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#Web design #Shopify theme development #Shopify app development #Conversion rate optimization


#Web design #Shopify theme development #Shopify app development #Conversion rate optimization